Embedding the MediaStorm Player


Getting Embed Code

Step 1: Within the player you want to embed, click 'Share'.


Step 2: Click 'Embed' from the sharing options.


Step 3: After agreeing to the Terms of Service, copy the embed snippet to your clipboard.


Embed Options

Some players may allow you to choose different options for your embed.


Choose a width (in pixels) you'd like to use for your embed. An optimal height will be calculated for you automatically.

Include Description

Include a short description about the player's content beneath the embed.


Choose which subtitles are automatically turned on for your embed.

Start on Title

Choose which Title in the playlist you'd like your embed to cue first when the player loads. The full playlist will still be available in your embed; the player will just start on the one you've selected.

Embedding on Specific Platforms

Embedding on Wordpress

As of version 4.0 of Wordpress, only users with the roles 'Administrator' or 'Editor' are permitted to embed <script> tags within Post or or Page content. Because the MediaStorm Player embeds itself via a <script> tag, this means only Administrators or Editors are able to embed players.

Step 1: Get embed code for the player you'd like to embed.

Step 2: While editing a Post or Page, click on the 'Text' tab on the upper-right of the text edit area and paste the copied embed snippet into it.



Step 3: Click 'Preview' or 'Publish' to see the embedded player on your page.

Note that if a user who is not an Administrator or Editor edits and updates your page, the embed snippet will be stripped out of the post entirely and the player will no longer be embedded.

Embedding on Squarespace

Step 1: Get embed code for the player you'd like to embed.

Step 2: Log into Squarespace, find the page you want to embed the player on. Click the black teardrop. This will bring up a list of content blocks.


Step 3: Choose the CODE content block.


Step 4: Paste the embed code from the player into the textarea and save.


Step 5: Save the current page you’re editing.


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