Component: Dashboard


The Dashboard serves as a general summary of your Platform account. From the Dashboard, you can access every page of the Platform and view the five most recent Projects that you’ve worked on. 

You can always access the Dashboard by clicking on the MediaStorm Platform logo on the top-left of every page or 'DASHBOARD' in the left-hand menu.



New Users

For new users, the Dashboard is meant to help you get started on uploading media and creating your first project. Follow the links to proceed. 




Account Summary

The Account Summary list serves as a bird's eye view of all the components you've worked on in the Platform. If you're new to the Platform, you'll notice that many of the items are labeled "0" and are in yellow. This is because some components depend on the existence of others. (For example, Playlists require the existence of Titles, which require the existence of Projects). 

Clicking through to any of these links will provide you with a table list view of all the components ordered by most recently created. This is helpful for users who want to do work outside of the traditional workflow. 

Recent Projects

Recent Projects is a list of the five most recent Projects that have been worked on. This reflects changes made to Titles within these Projects as well. Work like modifying subtitles, transcripts and other metadata will be reflected in this list.

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