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The Templates section, access by clicking the Templates link under the Account Summary section of the Dashboard,  allows you to manage all your Templates in one place. Player Templates make it easier to store branding and style information for reuse in other Players. Here, you can also set a Template as default so that all your Players will use this specified Template as a backup. Only one Template can be made default. 

You can also access your templates inline when editing a Player.


Creating a Player Template

Template Name

This is an internal name for this player template.

Default Template

Check this box if you want this to be the default template for all players. Only one template can be a default.

Organization Name

This is used when the player is shared and as the "alt" text of the player logo.

Player Footer Text

Use this area to promote your content or website. This information displays at the bottom of your embedded player. It will only display on embeds. This can be used to drive traffic back to your home page or any other relevant URL. Note that HTML is supported here and should be used to create a proper web link.




Player Logo

The logo is used in the top-left corner of embedded and fullscreen players.




Sponsor Logo

The optional sponsor logo is used in the top-right corner of embedded and fullscreen players.

Player Logo Link

This makes the player logo uploaded above an active link.

Sponsor Logo Link

This makes the sponsor logo uploaded above an active link.

Deleting a Player Template

To delete a Player Template you must be in Player Templates > View All mode. If you're not, navigate to the Dashboard and select the “Templates” link from the Account Summary list. Next, in the Templates table, hover over the name and select the red Delete button. Confirm to continue.



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