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The Sales section of the Platform is meant to be a dashboard for all transaction related components of your account. Here you can monitor your Pay-Per-Story sales and revenue generated from Bundling Titles. Bundling allows you to set a single fee for your Titles giving viewers unlimited access. You can find out more information on Pay-Per-Story here.

Bundling Titles is a way of selling one or more Titles together for a single unit price. This can be helpful for selling all the Titles in a Project together so that a customer only has to pay once to "unlock" the Project's content. Another benefit of Bundling Titles together is for promotional purposes, to package together otherwise unrelated content.


Creating a Bundle 

There are several ways of creating a new Bundle: from Bundles > View All mode or from an individual Title.

The first way is accessible via the Dashboard. You can access the Dashboard by clicking the MediaStorm Platform logo at the top-left of the page. Click on the "Bundles" link in your Account Summary. You will be directed to a table view of all your Bundles (if you haven't created a Bundle, you will be directed to do so). To create a Bundle, click the "New Bundle" button and fill in the required fields. 


Bundle Name

This is an internal name for your Bundle and will not be visible to your customers.


This is the price of your Bundle. This price overrides the individual prices of the Titles including in this Bundle.


Adding Items to a Bundle

After saving this Bundle by clicking on Create Bundle, a table will appear where you can bundle multiple paid Titles together by adding them from the "Add Item" button. Note: Only Titles with enabled Pay-Per-Story will appear here (to enable Pay-Per-Story for a Title, navigate to that Title's page to step 1 and check the "Paid title?" checkbox). 




After select a Title, click on the Add Item button to the right of the drop-down list. The Title should appear in the table along with its price. Repeat this process to add more Titles to this Bundle.




Create a bundle within a Title

Another way of creating a Bundle is within a Title's Pay-Per-Story section (in Titles step 1). When enabling Pay-Per-Story for a Title, you can choose to Bundle it with others so they are purchased together.  Click on the button that says "Choose a bundle." Here, a drop-down list with existing Bundles and their prices will appear. To create a new Bundle, select the option "Create new bundle." 




New fields will appear for your new Bundle. These fields are required in order to continue. 




After saving your new Bundle, you should see its name appear in the field for "Bundle this title." This title is automatically added to your new Bundle. 

To include other Titles in this Bundle, you can navigate to each Title you want to add and select the Bundle from the drop-down list. 


Removing a Title from a Bundle

There are two ways of removing a Title from a Bundle. 

The first way is from the Bundles > View All mode, accessible via the Dashboard. Select the Bundle you want to modify by clicking on its name or hovering over it in the Bundle Name column and clicking Edit

A page will load with a table featuring all the items in this Bundle. To remove any items, click on the Remove button to the right of the table. The item will be automatically removed. 




The second way of removing a Title from a Bundle is from within the Title's Pay-Per-Story section (in Titles step 1). 

Click on the button displaying the name of the Title's Bundle. To remove this Title, select the option "Don't bundle title." The Title will be automatically removed from this Bundle. 




Deleting a Bundle

To delete a Bundle you must be in Bundle > View All mode accessible via the Dashboard.  Next, in the Bundle Name Column, hover over the Bundle name and select the red Delete button. Confirm to continue.




Note: after deleting a Bundle, the Title's individual price will remain intact. Customers can still purchase this Title from the Player. To disable Pay-Per-Story from a Title entirely, uncheck the "Paid Title?" checkbox.

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