Translating Subtitles Using The Subtitle Tool



A Title is an item in a Playlist that is played back by a Player. Titles can have Transcripts and Subtitles associated with them. The Platform's Transcripts and Subtitles support multiple languages and translations.


The Platform's Subtitle functionality offers an additional feature—a translation tool. This is a page that lays out the base language subtitles (e.g. English) with a space for the translated subtitles. A title with several subtitle translations enabled looks like this:



To manage a Title's subtitles, first navigate to the Title either from the Project it belongs to or from the Dashboard. You will find the Title's subtitles in step 2 (Metadata). From this page, click the button called "Add translation"Select the language you would like to translate to from the drop-down menu that appears.


Add a Subtitle Translation




Editing the translation

You will be taken to the translation page, which lists the base language (e.g. English) and a field to add the translation below. Each line of text under the Subtitle column is associated with an In/Out time code in the second-from-left column. If the translated subtitle is turned on in the player, the translated text that is entered in the text field below the existing base subtitle will be used in place of the base subtitle text at the exact same In/Out time code listed. This ensures that the translated subtitles will remain in sync with the video. 


To come back to this translation page, you can click on the pencil icon that appears on the right of the translation language.





You can share the URL for the translation page with your translator. Don't forget to provide them with your login and password!

As your translator works on the subtitles, they can save work in progress by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking Save changes.




Enabling the translation

New translations appear in the list of translations in orange. They are disabled by default. The percent of completeness will appear for each translation under the name of the language. 

To enable the translation on the live player drag it from the DISABLED section to the ENABLED section. Drag and drop the items in the list into the order you'd like them to display in the player.




 Deleting the translation

 To delete a subtitle translation, click on the x icon that appears on the right of the translation. 







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