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The Playlist section allows you to group one or more Titles to create an ordered sequence called a Playlist. All the Titles in the playlist will appear in the right-hand column of the player and can be selected and played individually by the user or will automatically play in sequence. The topmost Title will load in the player first by default.

Creating a Playlist

You can create a new Playlist in two ways.

The first is through the Playlists > View All mode, which is accessed by clicking the link to Playlists in the Account Summary section of the Dashboard. Clicking the New Playlist Button in the top right will initiate a new Playlist and redirect you to a new page which provides a form to further edit the properties of a Playlist.  By default all new Playlists are given the name 'New Project Playlist'. You can edit the Playlist Name here. The Playlist Name should be unique and is used only as an internal reference in the Platform.

You can also create a new Playlist inline when editing a Player under the Playlist dropdown.




Selecting Create New Playlist will insert the same form described above inline into the page for editing a new Player. 

Adding Playlist Titles

To add a Title to your playlist, click the Add Title button. A modal window will appear with several fields.




You will be asked to Choose a Title from the drop down menus.

Additional playback behaviors can be set via the options that follow:

  • To enable pre-roll advertising, check the Enable Preroll Ad option.
    • Note that this requires a YuMe account.
  • To show a video bumper before playback of this Title select a video asset from the list in the Bumper drop down.
  • To have the Title's Poster Image show prior to the playback of the Title video, enter the number of seconds you'd like it to show in the Show Poster field, or leave it empty (or set to '0') if you'd prefer it not show.
  • To choose what happens on end of playback of the Title, select an option in the On end drop down.
    • Play next Title is the default option, and will begin playback of the next Title in the Playlist at the end of this Title.
    • Stop and show next Title's poster image will cue the next Title in the Playlist, but not begin playback, showing its Poster Image instead.
    • Stop and show current Title's poster image will cause the player to stop at the beginning of the current Title, showing its Poster Image.
    • Stop and show first Title's poster image will cause the player to cue the very first Title in the Playlist, but not begin playback, showing its Poste Image instead.
    • Stop and show Section will show the specified section (chosen the right) on end of this Title. The sections available to chose from are those added to the Menu in the Project > Menu step for this Title's Project.

When you're finished choosing your Title and settings its playback behaviors, click Save to return to and continue editing the Playlist.




Adding Playlist Labels

Playlist labels offer a convenient way to group titles for your viewers.

To create a playlist label, click on the Add Label button.

Enter a name for the label in the Label Name field and click Save to continue editing the Playlist.




Adding Playlist Folders

Playlist Folders allow you to group multiple Titles into a single folder in the Playlist.

Click the Add Folder button to add a new Folder to the Playlist. Enter a name for the Folder and click Save to save the Folder and continue editing the Playlist.




From here, you can now drag existing Titles in the Playlist into your new Folder, and reorder both the Folder and the Titles within, further detailed below.

Organizing Playlist Items

To change the order of your Playlist, simply drag and drop the items into the desired order. The topmost title will load in the player first, the second will play second, and so on.




Playlist Subtitle Preferences

By default subtitles are turned off in the player, even if you've created them for each title. To turn subtitles on choose the On radio button in the Subtitles section. This will turn subtitles on in all players that contain this playlist.

Choose a language from the drop down list to specify the subtitle language for your playlist. If you choose a language that does not have subtitles, the subtitles will remain off.

Deleting a Playlist

To delete a Playlist you must be in Playlist > View All mode. If you're not, navigate to the Dashboard and select the “Playlists” link from the Account Summary list. Next, in the Playlist table, hover over the name and select the red Delete button. Confirm to continue.



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